5 Benefits of Brazilian Plastica Dos Fios Smoothing Hair Treatment


If you have not tried The Plastica dos Fios hair treatment by CADIVEU PROFESSIONAL brand, then you do not know the great benefits it can offer to your hair, and that is why you are here, right?. 

Before knowing about the benefits of these products, we want you to know this hair treatment is very popular with individuals who want to straighten their hair, eliminate frizz, curls and restructure hair strands. Looking at a few Hair Plastic Surgery treatments before and after photos can help you to see the difference in the texture and luster of the hair

Before and after Plastica Dos Fios 1Before and after Plastica Dos Fios 2

It is important to mention that Plastica Dos Fios, is sold in more than 52 countries, is developed based on green technology and is eco-friendly, which means that most of each of its ingredients are natural and the products are not tested on animals. That means, huge benefits It is safe for our world and If you want a better idea of the ways that this smoothing hair treatment can make your hair look and feel better, you’ll find this information helpful.vo

The Hair Plastic Surgery makes your Hair Stronger

By replacing amino acids in the hair strands, this revolutionary range results in hair which is smoother, sleeker and stronger. The secret is natural ingredients with powerful effects: 

  • Acai to reconstruct: Brazilian fruit with powerful anti-oxidants, vitamins, and minerals effectively assist with the reconstruction of the Keratin in the hair.
  • Arginine to strengthen: Essential Amino Acid which prevents hair loss and breakage, increases density and strength as well as promotes the growth of natural new hair.
  • Acetic acid to protect: Organic compound with acid pH, that keeps the cuticle of the hair closed which assist in protecting the hair during the treatment

The Hair Plastic Surgery eliminates frizz

This professional hair treatment gets you 0% frizz in any type of climate. It makes your hair sleeker and provides many styling options. It is great if you live in hot or humid areas.

The Hair Plastic Surgery Straight your hair

Through an advanced Thermo-Active Reconstructive Process, Plastica dos Fios ensures healthy, straight, shiny and frizz-free hair with the exclusive ‘Easy Straight Method’ for up to 3 months. It’s perfectly suited to all South African Hair Types: Ethnic, Caucasian, frizzy, curly or just tough to manage hair types.

This versatile product can be used with or without other chemical hair treatments and is compatible with other products. Also, it doesn’t change hair color.

The Hair Plastic Surgery decrease volume

As a result of the smooth hair, the volume decrease. This is very beneficial If you are always on the go because can cut down your blow-drying time, you will not have to apply much time to your hair daily. Your hair will be soft and silky.

The Hair Plastic Surgery protects hair

Since your hair strands will be stronger after The Hair Plastic Surgery is applied, you’ll find your hair is better able to withstand environmental pollutants. Also, avoid dull hair after exposure to areas with lots of smog and toxins.

Have we convinced you of the great 5 benefits of Plastica Dos Fios treatment? Let’s help you get started!

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