5 Tips to Protect your Hair in the Summer


We all love summer, who doesn't? It is a good season to enjoy, have fun with the family, sunbathe, enjoy the beach or pool, but not everything is as beautiful as it seems, our hair can suffer some consequences thanks to the hours of exposure to sun and if you do not use treatments or products that protect it, it can be mistreated or damaged. In the same way that you care about other aspects of your body, you need to pay attention to the basic needs of your hair to avoid regrets in the future. Prepare for an amazing Hair Summer. 

The sun's rays make the hair dry and rough, the chlorine in the pool and the beach salt also deteriorate it rapidly with the passing of the days, However, you should not worry, today we will give you some tips that will help you protect your hair.

Tips for the Hair Summer 

  • Protect your hair! Use sunscreen

When we usually go out to enjoy a few days off with friends, either on the beach or in the pool, we seek to protect our skin immediately, prevent the skin from drying out and lose its elasticity, the same should be done with the hair. Our hair is very sensitive to the sun's rays, irons, dryers, that's why we recommend using products that, in addition to keeping it hydrated, contain protection against UV rays, preferably at times of greatest exposure. 

We can recommend you a couple of our products from Cadiveu Professional that includes UV Rays Protections like Sol Do Río, a protein that nourishes, restructures, and contains sunscreen to care for hair. Also, Acaí Oil is the only oil with sun protection that nourishes and protects your hair at the same time.

  • Hydrate your hair with masks

Don't leave all the work to your hair. Support it by wearing masks that prevent it from becoming dry, brittle, tangled, and dull. We know that chlorine is a really strong chemical that can turn healthy, silky hair dry and motionless. This chemical modifies the pH of the hair and weakens it. If we talk about sea salt, it penetrates the hair's hair fiber, making it stiff and as a result, we can have hair that can easily break. In addition to all this, it causes the ends of the hair to open, causing color changes. For this reason, the use of masks is essential because in this way you take care of your hair, its ends and at night you can enjoy an evening with impact hair. You don't want headaches when you get back to your daily routine.

You can use a mask while you are on the beach or pool or after a fun day as a Home treatment.

Here is an amazing mask that can work for our amazing advice for you: Plástica dos Fios Repair Mask. 

  • Use your hair naturally

Avoid using dryers and irons at all times, let it air dry. Already the hair has suffered a great moment in the pool or beach, give it a break and let it be itself. If you do not like your hair naturally because it has frizz or it is unruly hair, it is time to use plan b, hello to the styling creams! In addition to shaping your hair and controlling frizz, this product continues to take care of sun damage. It will also prevent dry and brittle hair.

We can suggest you our Plástica dos Fios Hair primer or our Glamour Thermo ruby gloss both according to your needs leaves your hair with a perfect look and shine. 

  • When you are exposed to the sun, pick it up!

Exposing as little as possible to the hair is best to avoid further damage, however, if you want to look different, we recommend avoiding braids or hairstyles with stripes. At all times we must also take care of the scalp so that it does not suffer burns.

We also recommend wearing hats, caps, or anything that can cover your head, in addition to taking care of yourself you will look chic in your photographs. Who doesn't want that?

  • When you leave the pool/beach wash your hair with cold water

Use a micellar shampoo that is perfect for removing salt and chlorine residues of hair. Coldwater will help increase circulation to the scalp and strengthen the hair fiber. In addition to this, it will restore shine to your hair instead of leaving it dry and lifeless.


To finish, we remind you that hair deserves to be treated like your skin, your face, and other aspects that you consider important, it is your cover letter! Take care of him and you will see that he will stay healthy during the summer.

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