5 Types of Products to Maintain Healthy and Strong Hair


Haircare is essential, as well as taking care of the hygiene of your body. Also, we all want to have perfect and healthy hair, however, there are external factors that can make this task a bit uphill.

During your day to day, the hair can become dry, the ends of the hair can open, you can suffer from frizz, it may become opaque and stop counting, but there are care routines that you must do to remains your hair in good condition for a long time.

Sometimes, using shampoo and conditioner for each period of time is not enough to give your hair the properties it needs, so you need to make an effort to keep it healthy and strong. Therefore, today we will tell you the products you should use to keep your hair healthy.

What products to use?


Using this product is the basics to keep it neat. For this, you must choose the one that best suits the characteristics of your hair, that is, you must choose one that eliminates dirt, does not increase the oiliness of your hair, does not increase its loss, etc.

Determining how many times to wash it per week or how often to wash your hair will depend on whether your hair is oily, dry, smooth, curl, thick, or fine. You should consult a specialist to know exactly or approximately times.

Conditioner and masks

The use of conditioners is of vital importance since this will add a softening and revitalizing effect. The use of this product can be every time you wash your hair, however, the mask has a deep repairing effect, so you need to allow a reasonable time for it to work on your hair. As a recommendation, if your hair is very oily, only use one f these products and not both. Using the conditioner and mask at the same time on oily hair can increase oil production. For oily hair, it is recommended to apply from medium to ends and avoid the scalp.


The oils are highly beneficial on the hair and more if you are a fan of the dryer, irons, dyes or if your hair has high exposure to the sun since these affect and deteriorate the hair strand. Oils like: coconut, almond, olive, and avocado are perfect to deeply hydrate the hair, sealing the ends and also giving it an incredible shine.

As we mentioned in the previous point, if you have oily hair, only use it on ends or occasionally.

Heat protector

We always want to be shocking and overwhelming, so we use equipment such as irons and dryers that wear hair down. For this problem, it is necessary to use some heat protector that takes care of it of the high temperatures that the plates and dryers emanate. This point is quite important, especially when it comes to discolored, dyed, or highlighted hair since they can be broken. A heat protector prevents the hair strand from breaking and dehydrating.

Styling creams

The hairstyling creams, foams, and other products that are essential to define it are necessary especially when your hair is curly or wavy. If it is curly, use foams or spray to define, if it is wavy, use creams to avoid frizz.

And Yes! These products will make your weekly routine a beneficial experience for your hair, giving it the shine, hydration, care, and health that your hair needs, regardless of its characteristics. 

We hope you start using the products and tell us which one you used.

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