6 differences between Keratin and The Hair Plastic Surgery Plastica dos Fios by Cadiveu Professional


Many will ask, isn't it the same? The real answer is no. The professional treatments such as Hair Plastic Surgery and Keratin, even though both generate a smooth effect, are differentiated by the nature of its ingredients, duration, results, and impacts with other treatments.

Here, we are going to explain its vast differences, benefits, and the damages that can cause in the hair. Pay attention!


1. About the level of hydration

These treatments are the most sought after to straighten, eliminate frizz and nourish hair, to looks bright and healthy. To make it, the person needs to pass by a stages process wherein the case of keratin hydrates and loose waves hair, so when the dryer or iron is used on the hair looks smooth and silky. However, in their natural state, the hair maintains its single waves more docile. 

While the Hair Plastic Surgery Plastica dos Fios restructures, moisturizes, and smooths the hair immediately. Even without the need for the dry or iron, it remains smooth and shiny, so the waves disappear while the treatment is in progress.

Both provide hydration to dry, porous, and battered hair, but the Keratin does not smooth as much as the effect offered by the Hair Plastic Surgery. 


2. Smoothing Level

One of the significant differences in the level of straightening that each treatment performs; for example, Keratin can straighten African-American hair by 60%. In comparison, The Hair Plastic Surgery Plastica Dos Fios proves to reach up to 90% in that kind of hair. Therefore, according to the type of hair, you should select the treatment that generates the best benefits and effects in the hair.


3. About Formaldehyde

It is no secret that Keratin contains formalin as the main compound to give the smooth effect, which does not bring significant benefits to the hair, on the contrary, its prolonged use can damage it, and also can be harmful to clients and stylists. In contrast, The Hair Plastic Surgery Plastica Dos Fios does not contain formaldehyde, but a natural ingredient such as acetic acid that allows the hair to be smoothed out, without changing the bond or molecular structure making it stronger and healthier.


4. The Ingredients

Another big difference between both treatments is the ingredients. The ingredients of Keratin are mostly chemical, while The Hair Plastic Surgery Plastica Dos Fios are primarily natural.

As we have already mentioned, Keratin uses formaldehyde (formaldehyde) as the primary active agent, in addition to ammonium thioglycolate and sodium hydroxide, which are stronger than its pronunciation, on the other hand, The Hair Plastic Surgery ingredients are:

  • Açaí Extract: Brazilian fruit, a powerful antioxidant with vitamins and minerals that helps rebuild hair.
  • Arginine: Essential amino acid, prevents hair loss, breakage, increases density, and strengthens it.
  • Acetic acid: Organic component with acidic pH that keeps the hair cuticle closed.

All these ingredients, together with the thermal process, rebuild the hair leaving it healthy, without frizz and with the desired smooth effect.


5. Duration

The duration is an important aspect when applying a professional treatment, since the ideal it last as long as possible. 

In the case of Keratin, it lasts for two to three months, while the Hair Plastic Surgery Plastica dos Fios has a duration of three to four months, this will also depend on the daily care. For the Keratin, the indicated time is met with the use of Sulfate-Free Shampoo. At the same time, The Plastica Dos Fios has its home care products that include shampoo, conditioner, mask, and primer that extends the time up to even six months with a smooth effect and without the frizz. 


6. About chemically treated hair 

A hair with chemicals such as dyeing, wicks, among others, should have special care, so it is common for people to consider these treatments as an option to maintain vitality, return Keratin and recover lost amino acids.

In the case of the use of Keratin or The Hair Plastic Surgery for hydration, it is essential to know that the application of Keratin modifies the color in dyed hair, which means it changes the tonality, some in more significant proportion than others depending on the color. At the same time, The Hair Plastic Surgery Plastica Dos Fios does not alter the color, which means that the tone is maintained, sometimes looking better because the treatment adds brightness and vitality to the hair.

The differences are marked and solid between both treatments. However, at first glance, the hair looks straight and healthy, it is essential that before getting any of these look for a certified professional to ensure the quality of the products and get the results expected. 

Read more about The Hair Plastic Surgery here.

If you have already tried any of them, tell us about your experience.


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