6 ingredients to avoid in hair care products


In our blog, we have mentioned repeatedly how important it is to take care of your hair. Like the skin, this also needs special products that do look bright, strong, and of course, healthy.


Ingredients in hair care products


Regardless of whether your hair is chemically or naturally treated, choosing the right products that will help your hair stay healthy is vitally important since many products contain ingredients that can be harmful to your hair and that sometimes I don't have the knowledge to avoid them.

The products that we usually use for hair care are shampoo, conditioner, and masks, each of these elements are basic to clean the scalp, eliminate impurities, soften and hydrate, so you should read the ingredients and their indications very well. know if what you apply to your hair is natural and does not threaten the vitality of your hair strand.

Has it ever happened to you that you use a shampoo and your hair loses strength, can it easily become weak and look brittle? This may be the result of non-beneficial ingredients for the hair. Pay attention to the ingredients that we will mention.

What ingredients should we avoid in our hair products?

Ingredients that damaged hair


It is used in shampoo as preservatives of the product and thus avoids bacteria. This ingredient adds hormonal balance if it stays on the skin for several hours and can cause hair loss


The ingredients that we will be able to see the most in shampoo bottles are sulfates and we will get them under the name of Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS). This ingredient is used to eliminate grease and make the shampoo foamy when washing hair, the downside of this is that it dries the scalp because it eliminates its natural grease and we know that it is necessary for hair growth, For this reason, we sometimes notice that some shampoos cause unpleasant dandruff that terrifies us so much.


We love that a product smells good so that our hair does too, but when purchasing a fragranced shampoo, mask or rinse you should know that it includes numerous non-detailed chemicals that can be harmful to health.

Synthetic colors

We will get this ingredient in shampoo for colored hair, according to their specifications intended to set the color, but trying to achieve its goal, can cause irritation or sensitivity to the scalp.


We usually get it in products that are moisturizing such as masks, since they use it to soften the hair and give that feeling of freshness that we love so much. The problem is that this ingredient is on the surface, causing the nutrients not to reach the interior of the hair, and therefore it is easily weakened.

Sodium chloride

On many occasions, we have said salt in hair products is harmful, this ingredient is used to give a viscous texture to the shampoo, but instead of being positive what causes dryness and excess hair to frizz.

Finally, we invite you to read the ingredients and instructions in each product that you are going to purchase for hair care. Many times we think that by choosing products recommended by others we are doing the best for our hair and the reality is different. Take your precautions and read carefully before purchase

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