Basic Guide: How to apply the Hair Plastic Surgery Plastica Dos Fios smoothing treatment

The Hair Plastic Surgery is a professional hair treatment that should be applied only for licensed stylists certified by Frizzless or Cadiveu professional. If you are a Stylist we leave you here a guide of how to apply these fabulous products and if you are not, read this so you know-how is going to be the process. 

Where to purchase the Plastica Dos Fios products 

If you are in Florida you can buy the products on and if you are in another state you can visit to buy yours. 


Supplies you will need to Apply the Hair Plastic Surgery 

  1. Plastica Dos Fios Professional Treatment Products: The clarifying shampoo, Frizz active and restore mask.

  2. A blowdryer with both medium and high heat settings.

  3. A Flat Iron 

  4. Plastic gloves to protect your hands during the application.

  5. Butterfly clips to hold upper sections of hair in place while you straighten the under-layers.

  6. Plastic bowl (optional) to pour the frizz active treatment into for ease of application.

  7. A wide-tooth comb to remove knots after shampooing and also to distribute the Treatment through your hair and remove excess.

How to do the Step by Step - Plastica Dos Fios - Service: Heat Sealing

Get ready for a somewhat lengthy process. That depends on length hair. Before you begin, make sure you're comfortable and have enough time to complete the whole process without taking shortcuts. 

The treatment does produce some fumes as you straight-iron the hair, so make sure you apply it in a well-ventilated room, or outdoors. In this article, We will walk through the steps and what the hair looks like during every step of the process.

Wash and Dry

  1. Apply the anti-waste shampoo on damp hair.  If the hair is natural, curly or thick, leave on for 5 min, then remove the product at the ends and leave on for 5 more minutes.  If it is a chemically treated hair let it act for 3 min, remove it at the ends and leave it 3 more minutes. After this, rinse thoroughly.
  2. Remove 80% of the moisture with a dryer and your hands.

Apply and Use a Flat Iron

3. Separate hair into six equal sections and start application.  Spread the product along the entire length of the lock with the help of a fine-tooth comb.


Apply Anti-Frizz Active on full locks to prevent contact with the scalp.

4. After applying to two locks, dry them with the dryer´s cold air setting. Repeat the process in each section.
5. Separate the hair into four sections and pass the flat iron 7 to 10 times on small locks.

Treat and Finish

6. Rinse, apply the Repair Mask, leave it on for 3 to 5 minutes, and then rinse again.
7. Let it air dry or proceed to straighten.

Congratulations! You've Completed the Hair Plastic Surgery Process!

After Care Tips 

  • After getting the professional treatment it should start using The Home Care Plastica dos Fios treatment for a daily basis. It will prolong the smoothing effect. Using the home care, the treatment can last more than 3 months. 
  • Avoid the use of other shampoos or conditioners from other brands or with sulfate. 

The results speak for itself.

Africanamerican smooth hair plastica dos fios

before and after plastica dos fios


Here you have our guide in images for you. 

Plastica Dos Fios guide

Plastica Dos Fios guide 2 

Let us know about your experience.  Comment here.

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