Why use Cruelty-Free brands for hair care?


We know that you may have wondered what it means for a product to be cruelty-free and why it is so important since many calls are made for the use of such products with these characteristics.

Let's start by mentioning that a product is cruelty-free when it is NOT tested on animals, or It doesn’t contain animal ingredients, for example, honey, milk, etc.

Why companies use animals to test hair care products? 

With them, they measure the level of toxicity of products such as shampoo, conditioners, soaps, deodorants, makeup, etc. These experiments or tests often end up killing the animal, unfortunately.

Beauty test with animals

Now that this concept is clear, why support the use of cruelty-free hair care products? 

The laboratories force animals to ingest strong chemicals or they applied them in their eyes, ears, or injections to test the reaction of the product. So, support the use of cruelty-free hair care products to avoid animal abuse. 

Cruelty brands


It is important to mention that there are other ways for companies to test products and offer you the guarantee that you can apply then to your skin, hair, face, etc., without having side effects and not killing any more animals. 

How to know that a hair care product is free of animal abuse?

  1. Check the label to see that it is cruelty-free.
  2. Do not be settle with that information, search the internet about the brand, and verify that it is 100% free of animal cruelty.
  3. Look for apps that mention whether or not a brand is free from animal abuse like Cruelty cutter (free) , Bunny free (free), and Choose cruelty-free (free).

A Cruelty-free brand we can suggest for your Hair Treatment 

Cadiveu Professional Treatments provide products 100% free of animal abuse also use natural ingredients to offer an amazing hair without negatively affect the world. (The use of natural ingredients on hair offers powerful properties to your health.)

Thanks to their innovative ecological technologies, these hair treatments help to solve the needs of each shopper because we have a suitable product for each hair condition.

Cadiveu Profesional differs from other hair products because all treatments manufactured under this seal are made in alliances with universities and laboratories in Brazil.

Today we invite you to promote the use of more natural and less harmful products on the planet and on animals.

It is important that you support this cause and that you take care of the animals, that they are less and less subjected to this type of torture, seeking perfection in beauty products. The responsibility is in your hands when choosing the products that you apply to your skin.

Finally, it is necessary to become aware, mainly because these thousands of products kill thousands of animals daily, going through a previous abuse that at the end of the day is what kills them.

So remember that you can look good without damaging your surroundings.

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