How to keep the effect of the Hair Plastic Surgery for longer


The HAIR PLASTIC SURGERY or also known as Plástica dos Fios Professional. Its name It’s Brazilian. It is a treatment that smoothes, restructures, and brings incredible benefits to the health of hair. It let you immediately hair - dream, but every wonder must be cared for and maintained. For results to last the ideal time of the treatment or even longer, you must follow a series of indications that you cannot miss. Here we will mention all tips so you can put them into practice.

First, we will talk to you about what about Hair Plastic Surgery. This treatment is a kit of three steps. Its formula contains natural ingredients such as arginine, acetic acid, and acaí that rebuilds the hair strand, straightens, and protects the hair from external agents. When we mention straightening, this treatment smoothes up to 90% the most rebellious or curly hair in the first application. Best of all, it is for all types of hair. Great! no?

The result of this treatment is Healthy, smooth, and shiny hair, without volume or frizz for at least 4 months.

Before Plástica dos FiosAfter Plástica dos fios


What to do to prolong the effect of the Plastica Dos Fios for longer?


  • Use the Plastica Dos Fios home care kit

When your stylist has done the magic, it's your turn to take care of your hair so it looks fabulous for that whole period or more. We suggest the home care kit Plástica dos Fios because it has everything to keep the professional treatment on the hair strand. It is created for it.  This kit includes a shampoo that cleanses hair while reducing frizz and without causing dryness. It also has a conditioner that promotes deep hydration. A repairing mask that profoundly nourishes the hair strand, making hair stronger. Finally, it has a primer that provides thermal protection, restoration, anti-breakage effect, anti-frizz prevention, and the extension of the effect of the Hair Plastic surgery Plástica dos Fios. 

Plástica dos Fios Home care


  • Avoid sulfate and parabens in your hair.

We always recommend using the Plástica dos Fios home care kit, but if in a situation you don't have it on hand, use a sulfate-free shampoo, this prevents the hair strand from breaking. Many times we notice that when we brush our hair, we see little short hairs on the top that make us feel uncomfortable; this is due to breakage of use sulfate shampoo. 

For example, in the case of paraben, it is a preservative chemical added to hair care products, which is toxic and can cause allergies and reactions on the scalp. It’s essential to read the ingredients when buying hair care products.

Also, if your hair is dyed, avoiding sulfate and parabens will help the color stay longer.

The best thing about using products without sulfate and parabens is that they are respectful of the environment. In this way, we contribute to taking care of the world. 


Sulfate free and parabens


  • If you go to the pool or the beach, do not go in with dry hair.

The hair is like a sponge that attracts both good and bad. We recommend it moisten your hair with clean water and add a little conditioner or Plástica dos Fios repairing mask to enjoy your sunny day with no worries. 

Our real recommendation, It’s avoiding salt and chlorine, to your hair. 

Because salt and chlorine react negatively to your hair, salt is a natural element; it doesn't penetrate the hair fiber. When it dries, it crystallizes and clogs up your scalp's pores, often causing irritation, dryness, and tightness. When it is combined with sand and sun, can cause an abrasive effect resulting in dry and dull hair.

Furthermore, chlorine damages your hair differently. It's a chemical oxidizing agent and also is colored hair's number one enemy because, With its blue particles, it can alter your hair's color (especially blondes), by giving it a green tinge. It can also remove sebum, the oil which naturally protects the hair fiber.


Salt and chlorine on hair



  • Use irons and blow dryers occasionally.

Since our Hair Plastic Surgery is a treatment that impressively straightens the hair, you will not need to use dryers and irons. However, we suggest once in a while using it since as the treatment is a thermal reconstructor, it is activated by heat, which will enhance the shine and softness that the professional treatment offers to the hair.

Keratin blow dryer and iron

Photo by Shari Sirotnak on Unsplash


Finally, we will assure you that the use of the Plástica dos Fios home care kit will keep your hair as on the first day of the Hair Plastic Surgery. It will even prolong the effect if you are consistent. Whether or not you have the effect of professional treatment, the home care will take care of your hair and keep it healthy, nourished, and shiny. If you have more questions, do not hesitate to write to us to give you more information about the use and wonderful effects of our treatments.

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