How to make your hair grow faster?


This is a very frequent question that people ask us because sometimes girls seek to change their look, look different, renewed, and fresh or because hair has some problem with growing. True? We know! But don't worry, today we will give you our secrets so that your hair looks healthy, strong, and long.

To begin with, we want to clarify that it is normal to sometimes feel that the hair does not grow or at least not growing at the pace it should, however, growth of hair may vary and depends on several factors, you may have times where grows a lot while other times the hair is stagnant and the reason could be damaged by external factors.

Usually, the hair grows about 1 centímetro a month, which means that in a year the hair grows 12 centimeters. If you want it to grow much faster, you should take better care of it with some techniques that we will mention below.

Tips for hair to grow faster

# 1 Every 2 or 3 months cut the ends of the hair

If your hair is subjected to irons and dryers, the ends of the hair may be mistreated and prevent their growth, so it is recommended that in this period you cut the ends so that the hair continues to grow healthy.

# 2 Eat healthily

You must have a diet rich in vitamins and minerals such as lettuce, spinach, broccoli, vitamin C, Omega 3, among others. On the other hand, the hair also needs nutrients such as manganese for root formation in the follicle and to increase its half-life before dying and falling out.

# 3 Make cleaning pro sleeve when necessary

Keeping hair free of dandruff and oil is ideal. Also, you should use non-aggressive products, that is, they remove dirt, but not the natural protection of the hair.

# 4 Hydrates the hair

Keeping hair hydrated will keep it healthy and full of life to prevent breakage at any time.

# 5 Comb your hair before going to sleep and massage it

Combing your hair stimulates growth on the scalp, which will make it grow easily over time.

# 6 Bet on braids

Frequent braiding allows your hair to grow under pressure. You must be careful because if you apply too much pressure you can break the hair.

#7 Give extra power with hair care products for hair grow 

Use hair treatments to help your hair grow. There are many of them. Make sure you get one kit that is adapted to your needs. We usually recommend Detox from Cadiveu Professional.  

Finally, it is important that you always keep it hydrated and cared your hair for so that it can grow easily, otherwise, it will be mistreated and you will have to cut it more often than usual.

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