How to stop breakage hair in 8 steps


Does it happen to you that many times when you fix your hair, it looks broken on the top of the head? If you have this problem, then you are doing practices that weaken your hair strand and cause hair breakage.

When it comes to style, hair is your best ally at all times, wherever you are, it will give the good impression you need, that is why we must take care of any factor that can weaken it daily, leaving it fractured.

The dryer, the iron, the dyes, bleach, highlights, and other products are some of the strongest factors that can cause hair breakage and it is time to act to avoid it. We leave you 8 steps to follow that will work to take better care of your hair. Take note!

1. Use products appropriate to the characteristics of your hair

Knowing how to choose the ideal shampoo is important since depending on the characteristics of your hair you need a special shampoo. If you suffer from dandruff and oiliness, then you are looking for one created to solve that problem, if you suffer from hair loss or breakage, choose a product that benefits this condition. This will help to strengthen and care for your hair instead of weakening, drying it out and breaking it.

2. When washing hair, do it gently

You don't have to do it hard to feel clean! DON´T. Rub gently with your fingertips, otherwise, you will only be helping to break it, not getting healthy and strong hair. You can be a problem or a solution, take note and avoid breaking it.

3. Don't rub your hair with the towel

There are people when they finish washing their hair take the towel and rub it until they feel that it is sufficiently free of water or dry. A SERIOUS MISTAKE, this practice can be harmful because it will make the hair break much faster. What do you have to do? Just when you get out of the shower, wrap it in the towel and let it absorb the water, so the hair does not suffer damage that may affect the future.

4. Avoid brushing your hair with wet hair

Just as you are reading! And if you do, avoid it in a possible way, we will tell you why. The hair, when wet, is usually weaker and exposed to damage such as breakage. The most recommended when leaving the shower is to wait for it to dry 80% to be able to untangle it with ease and without causing problems or breaks.

5. Use the iron, dryer or curling iron with conscience

Did you know that heat weakens hair? You are right! These styling tools can make it break easily, even when you take care of it with the previous steps, so it is important to use them carefully, use heat protectors that take care and protect the hair of these mechanical agents and use them only when it is necessary.

6. Cut the ends of the hair regularly

It is said that long hair tends to break more, that is why from time to time it is advisable to cut the ends, mainly so that the hair comes to life and continues to grow naturally and secondly to prevent it from breaking frequently.

7. Nourish hair periodically

The use of oils, masks, first, a good diet, will be essential to strengthen the hair strand and thus have healthy, strong, and unbroken hair. These products can bring you vitamins and minerals that any hair needs to continue looking healthy.

8. Use a brush with natural bristles

Using brushes with artificial bristles will be a problem that your hair will claim and you will notice it when it is mistreated and broken. Whenever you can, use brushes with natural bristles that promote growth before breakage.

Finally, we can say that hair care is not only aesthetic, it is necessary as taking care of any other area of ​​your body. 

Follow these steps and take care of your hair to make it look healthy, strong, shiny, and lush.

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