Everything you need to know about Liso Mágico by Cadiveu Professional


Liso Mágico, Magical Smooth? What will be magical about it? The truth is that it has a lot of magic in a small 215 ml bottle, but do not be fooled by its size, as you have popularly heard, all good things come in small bottles and today we will explain why.

Our Liso Mágico Plástica dos Fios is a ThermoActive treatment that provides a long-lasting smooth and soft effect to the hair. It is an excellent complement or for the Professional treatment Plástica dos Fios because it prolongs its effect, sealing the treatment in each application.

Liso Mágico smooth serum is also known as the shot of hair plastic surgery because it leaves the same effect of Plastica dos Fios temporarily, that is, smooth, soft, and shiny hair.

This incredible product officially called Liso Mágico Smooth Serum is a treatment that is activated by the heat of the iron, its active principles are concentrated on the outside of the hair, realigning the cuticles and providing a smooth effect thanks to its natural ingredients.

Liso Mágico facilitates and reduces drying time, as mentioned above, seals the hair cuticle, but not only that, also provides an anti-frizz effect, adds shine, protects the color in dyed hair, blocks humidity, and prevents breakage at the ends of the hair. Many benefits in one bottle.

Plástica dos Fios and Liso Mágico

What are the components of Liso Mágico?

Shine Silk: 

This ingredient protects the hair against heat up to 230 degrees. In this way, we avoid that the tips are mistreated and in the long term produce orchestras.


South American fruit that contains antioxidants and a lot of vitamins. It is responsible for nourishing the hair to revitalize its integrity and restore its health.


It has a memory effect that favors immediate softness.


Each of these ingredients takes care of the hair strand in the straightening processes to which it is subjected daily and over d time can reach pass bill.



Recommendations for the application of Liso Mágico

When you are going to apply this treatment or use it, we recommend having it clean, damp to distribute it through the hair and proceed to comb it.

After this, begins to dry hair, so the effects of treatment are activated with heat, then the magic happens. For the best results, you should iron the hair in small sections.

Finally, we want to mention that this treatment is an incredible ally to style the hair when you need it. Also, don't forget to regularly take care of the hair with complementary restructuring and hydration treatments to keep it healthy and shiny.

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