How to apply Plástica dos Fios to keep healthy and strong Curls


If you did not know, Cadiveu is a brand known for its professional treatment Plástica Dos Fios or also called Hair Plastic Surgery. The main objectives of this treatment are to restructure and smooth the hair. It is worth mentioning that the most rebellious hair is smoothed up to 90 % in the first application. In addition to this, it offers hydration, nutrition, and intense shine that every woman wants in her hair. However, this kit also works and is applied for those who love curls, who refuse to straighten their hair.

Likewise, by applying Plástica dos Fios to your curly hair, you can incredibly improve your look, adding shine, nutrition, and strength to your curls. Next, we explain how to apply it.


Curly Hair
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The Professional Plástica dos Fios includes three products, also called steps. The first step is the anti- residue shampoo that cleanses and removes impurities from the hair. The second step is the active anti-frizz; its formula contains high-quality ingredients such as acai, arginine, and acetic acid serving as reconstructors, giving shine and softness. Finally, step 3, which is the sealing mask that ends up sealing and repairing the hair. Three steps to transform your hair.

As we mentioned, Plástica Dos Fios is applied in two ways; the main one is the full service, this is ideal for straightening hair and the express service for curly hair.

How to apply the express service of Plástica dos Fios


Washing and drying

  1. We apply step 1 anti residue shampoo on damp hair. If the hair is natural or thick, let it act for 5 min, then remove the product at the ends and let it work for 5 more min. If it is chemically treated hair, let it act for 3 min, remove it at the ends and leave it for 3 more min on the rest of the hair. After this, we rinse thoroughly.
  2. We dry the hair by 80% using a hairdryer and hands.

Application of Treatment

  1. Divide the hair into 6 equal parts and start the application with firm and unique brushstrokes of step 2. Anti- frizzy Active, only at the base of the two subsequent sections, individually. We open the section in the middle and brush the top and bottom. We distribute the product along the entire length of the section, helping us with a fine comb.
  2. Every two sections applied, dry with the cold air of the dryer. We repeat the operation in each division.

Treatment and termination

  1. Rinse, apply the Restorative Mask, let it act for 3 to 5 min, and rinse again.
  2. Finally, we let it dry in the open air.

The difference with the "full service" is that the "Express Service" does not iron the hair. So the application time is much less, and the results are impressive.

The express service is perfect for your curls because you will see the hydration, softness, and shine immediately.

This treatment applies to all types of hair, especially if you want intense restructuring and hydration. It will be incredible to see the changes before and after this treatment.

To conclude, it is essential to remember that this type of treatment is recommended to be applied by a licensed professional, an expert in hair care. So ask your stylist for this fantastic treatment to improve your curls and your life.

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