The Best 10 tips to avoid Hair Loss


Hair loss is a very common condition, right? We are together in this! But it is not something that cannot be treated or improved.

There are many factors related to the problem of hair loss, for example, dandruff, excessive use of irons and dryers, grease, etc. But there are also many products, both chemical and natural, to take care of it and strengthen the follicle to prevent it from falling.

How do you know if you suffer from hair loss?

  1. When you wake up you get hair on the pillow
  2. Excessive hair loss when washing or handling it
  3. Hair with grease and dandruff
  4. Baldness 
  5. Lower hair density

If you have any of these symptoms then this article is for you. You do not have to worry, then we will give you a list of tips to avoid hair loss.

10 tips to avoid hair loss

Today is the time to S T O P hair loss, dandruff, grease, and everything that has to do with this topic.

1. Massage the scalp from time to time

By performing this action with your fingertips, you will be stimulating blood flow and thus strengthening the follicle.

2. Drink enough water!

Water is vital for everything, so in this case, it is not the exception. The water will provide you with the necessary nutrients to prevent hair loss.

3. Avoid hair ties

When using this type of product to make your tails or a particular hairstyle, it can cause hair breakage. Once you take off you could bring a considerable amount of hair.

4. Wash your hair every period of time (not every day)

Choose your shampoo for hair loss. We recommend that you do not wash it daily. You can wash your hair every 2/3 days.

5. Use dryers and irons for specific occasions

Using these tools excessively can mistreat the hair strand, sometimes it can weaken it, so it is important to give it proper use and only on necessary occasions.

6. Use natural products that strengthen hair

Natural remedies like aloe, green tea, egg whites, onion, and garlic are ideal ingredients to strengthen the scalp. In addition, they bring with them other benefits such as protection and antioxidants that provide a plus as home remedies.

7. Reduces stress levels

Yes, it is stress! This is a forceful factor that, when it comes to hair, radically affects it. When you suffer from anxiety or are in a moment of great stress, the organism responds by letting the hair fall temporarily.

8. If you washed your hair at night, wait for it to dry

This applies both for when you wash your hair before sleeping or to tie it up if it is wet. You should not do any of these two practices.

9. Cut the ends every three months

Cutting the ends of the hair will give it the feeling of oxygenation, stimulating the growth and fortification of the hair strand.

10. See a dermatologist

Nothing better than going to a specialist who will inform you of the status of your scalp and your skin.

Finally, we can say that hair care is very important and more when suffering from hair loss. This factor can run in families, however, it can be controlled. We invite you to visit your doctor to evaluate and recommend what is necessary for this uncomfortable problem.

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