Where to buy your hair care supplies?


We are in an era where online shopping has taken on a fundamental role when making purchases. It is the new reality where we even buy our food through a computer or a smartphone. However, when it comes to personal care it is necessary that you be careful with the products that you will later apply on the skin, scalp, or hair strand of clients or even for you.

For this and other reasons, we made this article, mainly to sensitize the whole hairdressers or hair lovers community to buy quality products, to protect the health of the hair of our customers.

We know that as a stylist, customer, or consumer we look for products that can offer benefits, but also allow us to save money. But often paying a lower price can bring us more problems than solutions for only saving just a couple of boxes.

This case comes up a lot in online shopping on Amazon or eBay where you can get anything you want, from clothes, food, shoes to backless beauty products from questionable sources. We have seen this type of case numerous times with our Cadiveu products.

The problem lies because most times these products are mere imitations without information from their real ingredients, besides not knowing what they contain, do not let the actual effect of an original product on the hair and can affect the health of the hair making becomes weak, breakage, damaged, etc.

If you do not know about us, we will tell you a little. Frizzless exclusively distributes Cadiveu products. Including the number one treatment Plástica dos fios, is our favorite because it is very good when it comes to restructuring, smoothing, and adding shine to hair.  This 3 - step kit reforms the hair strand and smoothes up to 90% unruly and curly hair in the first application. 

In addition, its ingredients are natural, it does not contain formaldehyde, its effect lasts up to 4 months and it is 100% cruelty-free.

Where should you buy your products or hair supplies?

It is very simple, buy hair care products or treatments in authorized stores or certified distributors of the brand. If you have doubts, always request the certification.

Our experience has shown us the importance of showing people that you are allowed to ask more about the products, request the certificate, and a guarantee from the seller. 

For our part, when we talk about professional treatments and home care, we are the only Cadiveu authorized distributor to sell the products in Florida.

If you're not in Florida, you can contact your nearest dealer, so you'll be sure to buy original products and certified by the brand.

We recommend you pay just enough for products that will take care of your hair and your health in general. An imitation product not only will leave an effect temporarily, but it can cause you allergies, falling hair, hair growth issues, and more.

How do I know that the product I bought is original?

There are certain characteristics of the container that each manufacturer designs in order to avoid counterfeiting. For example: In our Plastica dos Fios line, each product has an authenticity label that contains a unique code. If you have doubts, you can check on the web, directly with the manufacturer or with your distributor.

Plástica dos Fios original

In the case of other brands, discover in their news media what these characteristics are, so when making your purchases you have the information and avoid deception.

Finally, we want to thank you if you are one of those people who buy in official stores and maintain a methodology of work or style of using original products because people like you allow the growth of businesses and brands in the market to be able to carry our message to more people, and if not, it is time to act and worry about your health.

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