Plastica Dos Fios Professional Kit Set of 3
Plastica dos Fios Thermal Reconstructor Treatment. Its main ingredients are Arginine, Acai, and Acetic Acid. Straights up to 90% in African-American Hair. For all types of Hair.    Hair Plastic surgery, Plastica dos Fios By cadiveu will change your life! This treatment...
$254.99 from $249.99
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Plastica dos Fios Homecare Kit  It contains Shampoo, Conditioner, Mask, and Primer  Its ingredients are Arginine and Acai  Shiny hair and deep nourishment results  For all types of Hair  Plastica Dos Fios, Hair Plastic Surgery By Cadiveu Professional is our...
$110.00 $89.99
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Plastica dos fios BACK BAR Kit Shampoo and Conditioner
This kit promotes intense nutrition, shine, silkiness, and natural movement of hair. Also, prolongs The Hair Plastic Surgery.  Your stylist worked the magic, now you have to keep it alive! The Professional Shampoo and Conditioner allows you to do just that. It promotes intense nutrition, shine, silkiness, and natural movement...
$120.00 $79.99
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Plastica dos Fios Liso Magico Smooth Serum
Thermoactive treatment for a long-lasting smooth effect. It's composed by Acai, ShineSilk, and Softliss properties for a Velvet effect.  The Best memory Effect treatment whit revolutionary technology By Cadiveu Professional  Plastica dos Fios has a magic potion and you have to...
$100.00 $68.99
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Cadiveu Professional Acaí Oil serum
This multifunctional treatment oil that provides shine, nutrition, and anti-frizz effect. In addition, it is the only oil with sun protection, it also protects the color of the hair against yellowing and fading. It nourishes damaged hair, fights frizz, and...
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Plastica dos Fios Smoothing Shampoo
The Home Care shampoo cleans and leaves the hair silky, easy to comb, shiny, and hydrated.  How can a shampoo be so perfect? Our amazing shampoo By Cadiveu repairs both internally and externally the hair’s fiber that has been damaged...
$28.50 $25.99
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Plastica dos Fios Reconstruction Mask
Plastica dos Fios mask repairs the damage. Its exclusive formula contains Arginine and Acai that promotes shiny and silky hair. It is good for voluminous and frizzy hair. Time to reconstruct your hair!  Plastica Dos Fios mask repairs the damage and has...
$29.50 $25.99
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Plastica dos fios Primer Leave-in
Primer for Hair Styling. It's ideal for extremely Aligned and Shiny Hair. For all types of Hair.  They say great perfumes come in small portions. Well, it's true! The Primer prepares the hair for styling, Our Primer can be used as a...
$25.00 $23.99
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Cadiveu Professional Glamour Thermo Rubí
Glamour Thermo Rubí by Cadiveu eliminates frizz, neutralizes odors, and has thermal protection    Rubies are priceless and so is our Thermo rubí by Cadiveu. This product is essential to conquering shimmering luster for the locks! The Thermo Rubí Gloss eliminates...
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Plastica dos Fios Smoothing Conditioner
The Home Care conditioner helps to eliminate frizz and contribute to the smoothing effect.  Magic has never been easier to perform! The Plastica Dos Fios HC Smoothing Conditioner helps in the elimination of frizz from hair and increases the smoothing...
$28.50 $26.99
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Cadiveu Professional Glamour Shine Shot Home Care kit (Set of 2)
  Glamour Home care kit by Cadiveu cleans without harming the hair, moisturizes and eliminates frizz, nourishes and strengthens, restoring hair. We all love being glamorous, well glamour now comes in a bottle! For chemically treated, colored or discolored hair. Effectively cleans...
$69.99 $54.99
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Plastica Dos Fios Professional Repair Mask Step 3
Plastica Dos Fios Repair mask repairs the damage and has a powerful nutritious effect on the hair.   Keep the magic alive with this marvelous treatment mask!  The Repair mask repairs the damage and has a powerful nutritious effect on the hair....
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Glamour Shine Shot Professional KIT (set of 3)
This Kit It's ideal to restore the hair fiber, protect the hair, promote frizz reduction and Intense glow.    Cadiveu Glamour Shine Shot, Exclusive formulation contains Sugarcane Cysteine ​​and Ruby Microparticles, that act in the deep layers of the cuticles of...
$259.99 $229.99
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Detox Suco Verde (Green Juice) Home Care
Suco Verde eliminates oiliness, removes flaking, and promotes hair growth.  Detoxifies the scalp, with Cadiveu Detox, eliminating oiliness and flaking. Tones and stimulates the growth of healthy hair. Active Ingredients: Jambu extract: Strengthens and rejuvenates the hair. Chlorophyll: Detoxifies the...
$25.00 $22.99
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