Plastica Dos Fios Professional Kit Set of 3

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Plastica dos Fios Thermal Reconstructor Treatment. Its main ingredients are Arginine, Acai, and Acetic Acid. Straights up to 90% in African-American Hair. For all types of Hair.   
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Plastica dos Fios Thermal Reconstructor Treatment. Its main ingredients are Arginine, Acai, and Acetic Acid. Straights up to 90% in African-American Hair. For all types of Hair. 


Hair Plastic surgery, Plastica dos Fios By cadiveu will change your life! This treatment reduces volume, eliminates frizz and provides smooth hair for at least 4 months. Plastica dos Fios hydrates profoundly while giving and incredible shine and strengthening the hair’s structure avoiding breakage. What more could you need for your hair?

 Hair Plastic Surgery By cadiveu provides strong hair, together with an absolute smoothing effect, intense shine and a maximum of discipline. It is recommended for wavy and curly hair, with or without other chemical hair treatments. Another distinguishing factor is that it has no incompatibility with other products previously applied, and neither in the case of future applications.

The Hair Plastic Surgery is comprehensive, and offers products for professional use and also products for home maintenance, thereby extending the results obtained in the beauty salon for an additional period of time.

Be the stylist that works magic with our Plastica dos Fios Professional treatment!

 Plastica dos Fios will change your life! What more could you need for your hair?

Kit Contains

  • Step 1 Pre-Reconstruction Shampoo : Deeply cleans the hair and helps open the cuticle, making easier the penetration of the active ingredients of the treatment.
  • Step 2 Anti Frizz Active: Like the other products, it promotes a natural smooth, long-lasting effect that removes frizz while adding great shine to hair.
  • Step 3 Sealing Mask: Promotes maximum hydration to hair, reducing frizz and accentuating the smooth effect.


This treatment is composed of Arginine, Acai Extract and Acetic Acid.

  • Acai Extract: Rich in nutrients like vitamins, essential sugars and emollient oils. It is an antioxidant that protects and promotes the regeneration of hair, hydrating it efficiently and for a long period of time. 
  • Amino Acids: They balance the structure of the hair from the damaged caused by the excessive use of flat irons and hair dryers. It increases the hair’s elasticity, leaving the hair softer and easier to comb.
  • Acetic Acid: Acetic PH may cause irritation and peeling of sensible scalp. 

Tips for Application

What hair types does it work on?

The treatment can be used on all hair types, including chemically treated hair (colored, permed, relaxed, straightened, highlighted and bleached).

Plastica dos Fios provides excellent results on African American, Latin, Caucasian, Asian, Middle Eastern hair.

STEP 1 / WASH /  Wash the hair with Step 1 Shampoo , Apply the anti-waste shampoo on hair.  If the hair is natural or thick, leave on for 5 min, then remove the product at the ends and leave on for 5 more minutes.  If it is a chemically treated hair let it act for 3 min, remove it at the ends and leave it 3 more minutes. After this, rinse thoroughly.

STEP 2 /  BLOW-DRY / Towel dry the hair and blow dry up to 80% with cold or warm air. NOT HOT AIR. 

STEP 3 / APPLICATION / Divide the hair into 6 even sections. Rotate the product and start from the base of the head sections. Apply Step 2 Thermal Hair Reconstruction with long deep strokes outside of the first section and in the middle, comb and repeat the process in the next section. Blow dry every two section with cold air and apply tension using only your fingers. Avoid touching the hair with the blow-dryer. Repeat the same process until finished. Blow dry the hair away from the face.

STEP 4 / FLAT IRONING / Divide the hair in three sections, work with 1/4” section at a 90 degree angle from scalp. Flat iron with tension from root to midshaft. Repeat from midshaft to end.

Fine or Damaged 12 8 374ºF -190ºC
Medium 15 10 410ºF - 210ºC
Virgin or Coarse 25 20 446ºF - 230ºC
Extreme Damaged 8 4 374ºF -190ºC

/ FINISH /  Rinse the hair thoroughly (do not shampoo). Towel dry and apply Step 3 Sealing Mask on the hair and scalp. Leave on the hair for 5-10 minutes. Rinse and blow-dry with hot air using your fingers.

100% Satisfaction guaranteed… Improve your hair... Improve your life! Result 100% Satisfaction guaranteed… Improve your hair... Improve your life!

Naturally smooth, frizz-free, stronger, repaired hair with an incredible shine for at least 4 months! 


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